Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

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Breakneck Hill Conservation Land Trails Map

About the Trail

People at Breakneck Hill Conservation LandBreakneck Hill is a beautiful 90-acre property of rolling hills, grassy trails, and wide-open views. Their are fantastic views for picnicking, birdwatching, and photography. In the past couple years, a few trails have been rerouted. The current map shown is outdated but is still a good aerial view of the property. An updated map will be available in 2022. Dogs are permitted, please pick up and carry out waste. Please also keep dogs on their leash to protect the grassland nesting birds and other trail users.

The property is maintained by the Southborough Stewardship Committee. The Stewards provides conservation-based stewardship of the land, balancing multiple conservation and passive recreational uses. The trails are available to the public for passive recreation and dog walking. In the winter, the trails can be used for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and off-trail recreation. No motorized vehicles are allowed. The stewards are also managing the land to encourage grassland birds, and pollinators including monarch butterflies and bumblebees. Be(e) sure to check out the beecology and pollinator gardens!

In 2021, a kestrel nesting box was added, several eastern bluebird houses were replaced, and a new map/information kiosk will be installed thanks to an Eagle Scout project.