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Aqueduct MarkerThe Aqueduct trail system extends from Clinton to Newton, Massachusetts. Thanks to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) for partnering with local communities in the Metrowest to create more trails and enable connections to existing trail networks on inactive aqueducts. As of 2018, MWRA has permitted approximately 27 miles of Aqueduct Trails.

In Southborough, the Aqueduct trail overlaps the Sudbury Reservoir (SRT) and Boroughs Loop Trail (BLT) (3 trails in one). If you're heading west on the SRT/BLT off Ward Road, along the open channel, the Aqueduct trail continues straight into Marlborough. The BLT veers left into the forest (toward Crane Swamp in Westborough) at the spillway. A granite marker denotes where the trails split.

On the east side of Southborough, the trail continues along SRT/BLT until the Route 30 causeway at Framingham Road, where the trail turns right and extends east over the causeway. The SRT splits off from the other two trails at this intersection (head straight across Route30 to continue on the SRT). The Aqueduct Trail and BLT continue east on Route 30 until the path intersects with the Bay Circuit Trail Connector (BCT) (across from Thomas Street, Framingham). At this juncture, the trail takes a sharp left off Route 30 into the forest (there is a post that marks this intersection).

Once the BLT's Peninsula Trail is opened to the public, the Aqueduct trail (and BLT) will be rerouted off Route30 onto the Peninsula Trail. The Peninsula trail is roughly 1.9 miles near the Fayville Dam. This section of trail will connect to the BCT/BLT connector near Stony Brook Road This reroute will not only be a safer option for trail users, but also includes gorgeous views of the reservoir and the Fayville Dam. The trail overlaps an existing access road. The 10- to 12-foot-wide path meanders through the forest on a hard packed surface with a.5 mile paved section. The trail is quiet and set back away from traffic which adds to the experience.

New Section Open 2022

The Aqueduct trail splits off from the BCT and BLT connector, taking a sharp right and continuing east to connect with the Weston Aqueduct off Pine Hill Road and then into Framingham. This 0.2-mile segment is now open to the public. View the Aqueduct Connector Trail Map (PDF).