Wilfred J. Turenne Wildlife Habitat & Southborough Town Forest

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Turenne and Town Forest Trail Map (PDF)

About the Habitat, Forest & Trails

BirdhouseThe Turenne Wildlife Habitat lies on the northwestern slopes of Oak Hill, one of a series of steep hills that lie along Southborough's boundaries with Hopkinton and Ashland. Pasture-land fills old photos of Oak Hill from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today, frequent multi-trunked oaks, some 80 to 100 year old, support the ideas that portions of the property also served as a wood lot. This 18-acre parcel of woodland is underlain with granite, whose outcrops are visible almost everywhere along the trails.

The Southborough Town Forest, approximately 54.50 acres, is adjacent to Wildlife Habitat. The Town Forest offers a network of trails including the historic Bay Path trail that connects Walnut Drive to Woodland Road. There is a pond with a wooden bench overlooking the water. A perfect spot to pause and observe wood ducks, listen to a frog symphony, or view other wildlife.

The forest is relatively young, consisting of oak, hickory, American chestnut, black/gray/white birch, and white pine. The Town Forest is a great location for walking, trail running, dog walking, and snowshoeing. You may see turkeys, hawks, wood ducks, deer and various species of birds while you enjoy these trails. Visit our Town Forest page to see the 2021 environmental art installation, educational materials, and fun-filled activities available to you thanks to the Stewardship Committee and the efforts of a local resident/artist and candidate for a Master's in Wildlife Conservation and Management, Kimberly Berry.

Dog walking is allowed on Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) properties as long as sensitive resource areas and positive visitor experience are preserved. Dog walkers may not walk more than three dogs at a time. All dog waste must be packed out. The poop fairy is not real and will not retrieve the bags you leave behind. All trail users appreciate your efforts.


Trail StairsThere is parking at a small trailhead off Walnut Drive suitable for 2 to 3 smaller cars. This trailhead can be accessed by driving down Walnut Drive and continuing straight where Walnut veers left. This dirt road doubles as a driveway, but if you continue past the house on your left you will arrive at the trailhead.

The trails can also be accessed from Woodland Road. There is room for 2 to 3 cars to park on the shoulder of Woodland Road Parking is also available for 2 cars at the end of Kidder Lane (paved spaces) with a small walk to the side trail with the granite post and wood stairs.

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