Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land. The rules on this page are designed to help balance conservation and passive recreational uses.

Breakneck Hill Conservation LandGeneral Use Guidelines

  • No trespassing after dark
  • Park in designated areas
  • Parking for conservation land use only
  • Stay on trails, unless there is snow cover
  • Passive recreation only
  • No motorized vehicles. No ATVs, bikes, horses  
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • No hunting or trapping
  • No fires
  • No disposing of trash or yard waste
  • No removal of vegetation, wood, soil, animals, and the like
  • No drones, rockets, or model planes of any type


While we welcome dogs on our trails, please remember that dogs can harm wildlife habitat, pollute water, and disturb other visitors. Therefore, please:

  • Always keep dogs under control
  • Pick up and remove all dog waste
  • Keep dogs on trails at all times 
  • Keep dogs out of ponds, streams, and vernal ponds
  • Put dogs on leashes whenever other visitors approach
  • If you find yourself constantly yelling to control your dog, please put it on a leash   
  • Never allow dogs to run towards other visitors

Thank you!

Contact Us

For questions, please contact the Southborough Stewardship Committee.