Health & Wellness - Mindfulness & Mental Health

  1. Advocates Caring Partners

    If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911 or Psychiatric Emergency Services at 800-640-5432

  2. Massachusetts General Hospital

    Massachusetts General Hospital has a robust guide of resources for mindfulness, relaxation, and movement.

  3. American Heart Association Videos

    The American Heart Association offers guided videos for yoga and meditation practices.

  4. Southborough Youth and Family Services

    Southborough Youth and Family Services provides Mental Health Services, Classes and Programs. Southborough residents also may utilize INTERFACE Mental Health and referral helpline Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm at 888-244-6843. Further information on INTERFACE can be found here on Youth and Family Services website or here for INTERFACE website.

  5. Harvard School of Public Health

    The Harvard School of Public Health offers tips to cope with stress and promote your mental well-being.

  6. Johns Hopkins Medicine Wellness

    Johns Hopkins Medicine provides breathing exercises, stretching tips, and other advice for staying well.