Annual Reports

The Community Preservation Committee has now successfully completed its first full year of operation. On an emergency basis, we did recommend two proposals for CPA funding to the April 12, 2005 Annual Town Meeting. They were $9,800 for an Open Space GIS Data Layer and $5,500 to update the Open Space and Recreation Plan. These were approved.

This fall, following what we expect will be a standard schedule, we solicited requests for Community Preservation Act funding to be presented to the upcoming April 2006 Annual Town Meeting. Seven proposals were presented by our early November deadline. At our December 14 meeting, we voted to recommend for the January 21 Special Town Meeting that a one-time sum of $500,000 plus $150,000 a year for 20 years be granted from CPA funds to help finance the proposed Chestnut Hill Farm Conservation Restriction. We also voted to recommend to the April 2006 Annual Town Meeting that the following grants be made from CPA funds: $10,274 for the preservation of historic documents, $30,000 to help in the restoration of the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, $99,976 to help build an affordable house at 26 Gilmore Road and $88,725 to rebuild the stone wall along Cordaville Road by Choate Field. Two other requests were withdrawn by their proposers.

At this point(12/14/05) the CPA fund has $984,460.56 available.

The Committee has welcomed new members Anne Marie Angus of the Recreation Commission and Andrew Mills At Large, replacing Nicki Mauro and David Morgan, respectively, who resigned.