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The Southborough Public Accessibility Committee ("SPAC") consists of five voting members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, plus the non-voting, ex-officio members identified below. Any non-voting, ex-officio member shall not count toward the calculation of a quorum for the SPAC for voting purposes.

Each voting member shall be a registered voter in the Town and shall not be a Town officer (where a "Town officer" means a Town official who serves in an elected position) or a Town employee (where a "Town employee" is any person holding a non-elected, paid position in the Town other than a volunteer who is deemed a Special Municipal employee solely for the purposes of MGL Chapter 268A).

The Board of Selectmen shall designate a Public Accessibility Coordinator ("Coordinator"), in consultation with the SPAC. The Coordinator shall be responsible for accepting and recording concerns, coordinating reviews, and such other duties as may be assigned.

The Building Commissioner and Coordinator shall be ex-officio members of the SPAC.

The SPAC Powers and Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To monitor and enhance the Town's compliance with all applicable laws, statutes, policies, and regulations that require (or encourage) access to facilities, programs and services for all members of the public.
  • In coordination with Town officers, departments, and other government entities, to endeavor to ensure that all Town citizens have equal access to:
    • Town government offices and communications
    • Public and commercial buildings
    • Programs
    • Goods and services
    • Transportation
    • Telecommunications, including the internet
    • Recreational facilities and programs
  • To review existing and proposed facilities, programs, and projects undertaken by the Town, and to notify the responsible official or entity of its comments. The SPAC may request that other Town officials, committees, departments, and/or entities provide input to these reviews.
  • To undertake public outreach and advocacy for accessibility in the Town,
  • To periodically, but no less than once per calendar year, report to the Board of Selectmen and the Town Meeting on its activities and findings.
  • To provide a mechanism for the public and/or any Town employee to raise concerns about the accessibility of any Town facility, service or program.
  • The SPAC (or its designee) shall maintain records of such concerns and their dispositions. To the extent permissible by law, the identities of persons raising such concerns shall be confidential, unless confidentiality is waived by such person.

Established May 22, 2021 Annual Town Meeting - Town Code §9-34