Advisory Committee


It shall be the duty of the Committee to consider all matters included within the articles of any warrant for a Town Meeting hereafter issued, and the Committee shall, after due consideration of the subject matter in said articles, report thereon, in print or otherwise, such information and recommendations as it shall deem best. 

The Committee shall insert in the annual town report a description of all transfers made from the reserve fund during the preceding year. Such report shall contain the names of all town officers, boards, departments and committees requesting such transfer, the original amount appropriated to the account, article or budget to which such transfer was made, the amount of each such transfer and the reason such transfer was requested.

All recommendations of the Committee made to the Town shall be recommendations of a majority of the entire Committee, but this shall not be construed to prevent recommendations by a minority. 

The Advisory Committee shall have authority at any time to investigate the books, accounts and management of any department of the Town, and the books and accounts of all departments and officers of the town shall be open to the inspection of the Committee and of any person employed by it.

It may appoint from its own membership subcommittees and delegate to them such of its powers as it deems expedient.