Training Opportunities

As part of the FY2021 Department Goals, more employee training opportunities will be offered. The table is a list of the training sessions that are currently being planned.

TitleIntroductionTarget AudienceLeaving ObjectivesDate Scheduled

Managing Your Department's Website

Come learn the basics of working with CivicCMS to edit your website. You will learn how to add images, files, news and announcements, and more. You will walk away being able to make basic edits to your website.Employees that are currently managing the website and those that plan to in the future.
  • Log in to manage your website
  • Overview of the types of content available
  • Edit existing content
  • Create new content
  • Navigating the Cabinet
  • Using the Scheduling Option for publishing/unpublishing content

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Shoretel Phones Advanced Features

The Shoretel/Mitel phone system is much more than a simple phone on your desk. Come learn about some of the advanced features that are available to you with this phone system.

Employees that use the Shoretel/Mitel phone system
  • Describe the basic operations of the two phones currently in use
  • Learn about Auto Attendants
  • Discuss the options available with Hunt Groups
  • Call Handling
    • Forward
    • Park / Unpark
    • Pickup a call on another extension
    • Conference calls
    • Setting up Automatic Call Routing
  • Using the Connect Client
  • Using the Soft Phone

Available on YouTube

Information SecurityThere is a saying that "Information is Power." But there is another saying that "With great power comes great responsibility." As we collect and store information about the operations of the Town, employees, vendors, and residents, we must learn to handle it responsibly. Come learn about habits that will increase the security of the information that we collect daily.Employees that collect and/or process information
  • Classifying information
  • Workspace habits
  • Using removable storage devices
  • Portable device habits

Avoiding Phishing / Internet Hygiene

Industry research consistently ranks phishing attacks as a top entry point to sensitive networks for cybercriminals. Come learn how you can spot Phishing attempts and help Southborough avoid becoming a statistic.All employees that access email
  • What is Phishing
  • Current Trends
  • How to spot a Phishing Email
  • What to Do if you think you have been "Phished"


NextRequest is the platform that the Town uses to manage its public records requests. Join this session to learn about how this system can help with transparency and the timely response to these requests.Employees that may need to respond to public records requests
  • Why log a request in the system rather than simply respond directly
  • How to enter a request
  • Responding to a request
    • Uploading documents
  • Utilizing the redaction tool
  • Managing the status of a request


Online permitting allows for workflow management as well as a centralized property history. Join this session to see how the Online Permitting System can help your Department manage its permitting and licensing needs.Departments that issue permits and/or licenses
  • Introduction to the OpenGov Permitting Platform
  • Managing applications
  • Workflow Options
  • Creating new applications