Is the MWRA willing, and able, to provide water for Hopkinton?

The answer to this question is a definite “yes”. The MWRA currently has excess water delivery capability of approximately 100 million gallons per day. The MWRA is seeking to sell an additional 20 million gallons per day of this excess capacity to new “water communities” such as Hopkinton. Selling this additional water will actually benefit all MWRA water communities, including Southborough, as this will generate additional MWRA revenue to cover the water system fixed costs for all participants. As context, Southborough currently uses an average of about 880,000 gallons per day of MWRA water, and Hopkinton wants to use an average of about 1,060,000 gallons per day.

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1. What is the “Hopkinton MWRA Water Connection Project”?
2. Who proposed this project and why has it been proposed?
3. Will implementation of this project cause Southborough to “run out of water”?
4. Is the MWRA willing, and able, to provide water for Hopkinton?
5. Will implementation of this project cause Southborough residents to have unacceptably low water pressure?
6. What type of legal agreement will be required between Southborough and Hopkinton for this project? Who will create this agreement? Who must approve it?
7. Will there be a Town Meeting vote related to this project?
8. How much will this project cost Southborough?
9. What happens if Hopkinton needs “more” water at some future time?
10. Will Southborough retain an independent engineering consultant to review the proposed project? Who will pay for such a review?
11. Who has the authority to approve this project?
12. What is the plan for reviewing and (potentially) approving this project?
13. How would the process be managed/governed going forward?
14. What happens if Southborough’s need for water increases in the future? Does this project create a problem for Southborough in this event?
15. Could Hopkinton’s “contaminated” water somehow get access into the Southborough system from this project?
16. Why doesn’t Hopkinton (or the MWRA) build a direct pipeline connection between Hopkinton and the MWRA aqueduct (without utilizing the Southborough water distribution system)?
17. Why should Southborough agree to do what Hopkinton is requesting? What happens if Southborough says “no” to Hopkinton’s request for this water connection?
18. How can Southborough residents stay informed about this project and provide input to the discussion about the project?