Tricentennial Committee


Committee Name: Tricentennial Committee
Approved by Select Board: April 10, 2023
Number of seats on committee: 7
Term duration: Expire annually on June 30th
• Select Board (1)
• Historical Commission (1)
• 1 Resident who shall be a veteran
• 4 At-Large voting residents 

Appointed by: Select Board 

Length of Term: Terms will expire annually on June 30th 

Meeting Times: As determined by the Committee. The Committee shall provide for a minimum of three community meetings [one or more should be staggered between evenings and daytime] to solicit public comment within the first 18 months of the Committee’s formation. 

Description: To research, evaluate, make recommendations, and coordinate the Town-wide activities to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Southborough in 2027. 

Deliverables: As part of its study and investigation, the committee shall develop a comprehensive plan for celebrating and promoting the 300th anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Southborough to include: 

1.    Identify funding needs [Note: determine a series of events spanning the anniversary year, sometimes culminating in, e.g., a significant celebratory weekend with, for instance, galas, banquets, parades or whether a different schedule of events is preferable] 

2.    Identify potential sources of funding including but not limited to:
           a.  Commemorative Memorabilia
           b.  Public/ Private Partnership
           c.  Gifts and Grants (private, State and /or Federal)
           d.  Town resources [i.e. a warrant article funded through Town Meeting
           e. In-kind donations 

3.    Identify opportunities for individuals or organizations to participate in celebrations with a commitment to accessibility, diversity, inclusiveness, and opportunity at all levels and activities 

4.    Investigate opportunities for a possible permanent commemorative plaque/statue/etc 

5.    Study transportation and accessibility related issues 

6.    Implement strategy for marketing and communication 

7.    Determine what sub-committees or additional staffing requirements may be necessary and seek necessary approvals and/or permits from the Select Board [i.e. event planning, marketing and social media, public/private partnerships, collaboration with local organizations et al] 

8. Updates will be presented to the Select Board at least quarterly. 

Considerations for Membership/Appointment:
Appointments will be made by the Select Board. A Chair will be voted upon by a quorum of said Committee.
At-large members from some of the following areas shall be encouraged to volunteer to serve on this committee: 

• Background or interest in history
• Event planning
• Fundraising/development
• Logistics
• Music & Arts
• Senior Citizen Representative
• Other Committee representatives

Staff support as appropriate from the following departments: Department of Public Works,Economic Development Committee, Southborough Library, Fire Department, Police Department, Town Administrator’s Office, School Department and other town departments or officials which the Committee may consult on an as-needed basis. 

Sub-committees: Sub-committees are “public bodies” under the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law and, therefore, must conform to all Open Meeting Law requirements. The full Tricentennial Committee must authorize the creation of any desired subcommittee. Subcommittees may provide periodic reports to the Committee when requested to do so by the Chair or as the Chair of the Subcommittee deems appropriate. 

Prior to serving as a member of this Committee, appointees are required to: 

1. Acknowledge receipt of the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Statute. Further, to
continue to serve on the Committee the member must acknowledge annually the receipt of
the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Statute. Said summary will be provided by and
acknowledged to the Town Clerk. 

2. Provide evidence to the Town Clerk that the appointee has completed the on-line training requirement required by the Conflict of Interest Statute. Further, to continue to serve on the Committee, the member must acknowledge every two years completion of the on-line training requirement.

Mission statement 
[to be completed by the Committee once established]

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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