Historic House Signs

Historic House Sign Program House MarkerSouthborough Historic House Sign Program

The Southborough Historical Commission has created a Historic House Sign Program, providing an opportunity to invest owners of historic or architecturally significant houses with pride, knowledge, and the ability to serve as conscious custodians of their home’s heritage.  We believe that Historic House signs enhance the appearance of older homes while promoting community awareness of our local history. 

About the Signs

Signs will be 12x16 weatherproof MDO signboard, finished with three coats of sign painter’s oil-based primer and enamel topcoat, white background all black, hand-painted letters.

  • Longevity: 20-plus years.
  • Cost: $62 (includes sign, screws, and shipping costs).  
  • Placement: For uniformity, the Historic Commission recommends hanging your sign at
    • Far-right corner of the street-facing-side
    • Top of the first-story of your home


Contact Us

Please email the Historical Commission with any questions or comments.