Printable Forms & Applications

Explanation of Forms

Building Permit Application

For homeowners who wish to apply for their own permit, please make sure that the second and third page of the application is signed and dated before returning them to the Building Department.

Board of Health Application

If your Building Permit application requires Board of Health approval. A separate application and fee will be required. We suggest that you visit the Board of Health to discuss your plans prior to submitting your Building Permit to ensure that your project is compatible with the requirements of the septic system.

Construction Control Document

This is a certified, stamped affidavit from a design professional confirming that all construction was performed in accordance to the 9th Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code.

Demolition Permit

for the demolition of any structure, including but not limited to single and two-family homes, pools, sheds, barns, etc. Basically, if a structure requires a permit to build, then it will require a Demolition permit to remove. Please be aware that certain homes, barns, and other structures may hold significant historical significance. In these cases, approval from the Southborough Historical Society will be required prior to demolition.

Pool Permits Packet

Included in the Pool Permit application is:

  • A checklist for the applicant
  • A homeowner signed an Acknowledgment of Pool Barrier Requirements
  • A Pool Installers Sworn Statement of Compliance of the International Pool and Spa Code
  • A Board of Health Application

.Homeowner Issued Building Permits

  • Homeowner Warning Notice - This notice outlines the responsibilities that the homeowner must accept in order for a permit to be issued to them.
  • Affidavit of a Homeowner for Construction Supervisor License Exemption - When a Contractor pulls a building permit for work to be done, we require proof that they possess a current, valid Construction Supervisors License (CSL). This affidavit puts the homeowner on notice that they are, by being the permit-holder, that they are essentially acting as the Construction Supervisor.
  • Exemption from Home Improvement Contractor Registration - just like with the CSL exemption affidavit above, also required for contractors performing residential home improvement projects is the Home Improvement Contractor registration (HIC). This puts the homeowner on notice that by essentially acting as thier own Home Improvement Contractor, the homeowner does not have access to the arbitration process or guaranty fund provided for under MGL chapter 142A.

Owner Authorization Form

For all Building and Demolition Permits. Must be signed by the property owner of record when the applicant is anyone other than the owner of record.